what we do ?

Mad4Massage provides massage services all around Australia. Everyone knows just how fantastic and how rewarding it is to be massaged. We have been providing massages services to businesses, events and individuals for over 25 years!

All this time we have been trading under the business name Yoga Solutions so that’s why you couldn’t find us. Here we are!

We all know how fantastic massage is for the body, mind and soul. We don't need to tell you again but...

Did you know?


Dog massage is increasingly popular. All of us have had the experience of rubbing a painful area to get relief. Dogs and other animals do the same. The small dog breeds have a special problem, however, because dogs use their weight to create the pressure on an area. Have you seen a dog on her back in the park, blissfully twisting back and forth as she rubs her spine? Ever seen a small breed do this? It's not as common because they don't get the same sensation with their insignificant weight. So, small breeds count on us humans to rub them the right way.

How we work

First let’s get the economics out of the way. We charge $88 per hour for corporate massage or massage at our affiliated studios around Australia and $99 per hour for massage at your home. These prices include GST.


Onsite Workplace Massage

Mad4Massage offer various forms of onsite massage allowing you and your staff to be pampered, unwound and relaxed before returning to the job at hand. There are a number of ways you can divide each hour:

  • handpointer 3 or more minutes ‘at your desk’
  • handpointer 10 minute ‘massage chair’ massages
  • handpointer 20 minute lie down pressure point massage(s)
  • handpointer 1 hour oil massage if your staff require a real reward

If you wish we can notify staff by email beforehand of a ‘Massage Day’ coming up and invite them to book their slot online. Or ....we can just turn up and surprise them! If staff will be paying for their own massages they can pay in advance online to secure their spot.

Events and Conferences

Nothing sends a better message than massage that you care about your delegates. Far from being distracting, massage at conferences stimulates energy, encourages alertness, and maximises involvement of those you’ve invited to the event. There are various ways you can provide massage at your next event or conference:

  handpointer We can provide massage of whatever duration you choose in the meal breaks or at expo stalls on our massage chairs. We are more than happy to wear the host organisations logo if you would like to send a strong message that you are looking after your delegates.

  handpointer If you would like to feature the massage service for the duration of your event, we have beautiful marquees that we can set up with aromatherapy, colourful cloths and music. There is always a beeline for our massage tent.

  handpointer Roving masseuses providing neck and shoulder massages in the conference room itself is a great way of holding the attention of participants.

  handpointer Hour long body massages for delegates or their partners are often very popular at higher end conferences and usually a much cheaper and more reliable option than using the hotel spa services.

Gift Vouchers

m4m voucher


Friend, family or hard working staff ? Massage is a fantastic reward. Our massage services are national and we provide ‘at-home’ or ‘at-studio’ services. Our masseuses are all qualified and provide a variety of different massage styles from Remedial Massage to Shiatsu, Reiki to Deep Tissue Massage to suit the recipient’s requirements. You can fill in your Gift Voucher online, send by email or print off and give it to them by hand.

For You

And now more importantly......when is it your turn?


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